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Car wash: expensive

Published: 20 Jul 2010

Being rich is advantageous. You can buy earth's most expensive cheese, made from the milk of Serbian donkeys at £1,000 per kilo.

But how would you transport it? Why, in your super-expensive supercar, of course. Problem is, you might need to clean the cheesy, donkey-y residue off afterwards...

Step forward Gurcharn Sahota, a young man who has decided to forgo the act of procreation and spend his waking hours painstakingly removing the cheese residue - and assorted car-type grime - from the world's most expensive cars.

Check out Gurcharn in action

Working out of his parents' garage, Gurcharn uses cutting-edge equipment - like frickin' lasers and microscopes - and £8,000 worth of wax to clean your beloved supercar, often spending up to 250 hours on a single motor...and charging up to £7,200.

If you're thinking, "sure, sure, nobody's gonna' pay that", then you'd be wrong. His celebrity clients have flown him all over the world to clean their grimy motors, and include footballers, actors and musicians.  

Says our man: "If you're spending £150,000 on a car, you want it to be perfect.

"I just want perfection. Finishing is the best part. It gives me great satisfaction."

Assuming you had a life filled with supercars and expensive Serbian donkey-milk cheese, would you spend £7,200 on a car wash?

Vijay Pattni

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