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Corvette ZR1 news - Wild horses - 2008

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Remember that Corvette
ZR1 we told you about just before Christmas? The one that, with its 6.2-litre V8 putting out
620bhp and 595lb ft of torque, was set to become GM’s most powerful car ever?

Well, it seems the General might have been
a bit, erm, conservative about the power output of the ZR1. The car has just
completed SAE certification and was found to produce - ready for this? - 638bhp
and 604lb ft of torque.

Yowch. The science behind all the power,
say the engineers at GM, is a new supercharger with a four-lobe rotor design
that displaces 2.3 litres. That’s a monster charger, that is.

Despite all the noise and fury, GM says
you won’t be spending all your time sheepishly pointing the wrong way down the
road in a cloud of smoke.

“This car has road manners that will
allow our customers to enjoy it on the streets as a daily driver, and on the
track,” says Chevy boss Ed Peper.

Though there’s no word on economy yet, GM
engineers claim ‘the ZR1 will be the most fuel-efficient 600-plus-bhp car on
the market’. Which is a bit like being the cuddliest machine gun on the market.
We’ve got a feeling it won’t sneak into the free congestion charge bracket,

And - almost
as an afterthought - the GM guys have revealed the ZR1’s top speed. 205mph.
Welcome to the 200mph club, lads.

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