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Drag race: Porsche 918 vs Koenigsegg Agera

The unwritten rule of owning the latest, greatest supercar is that you must take it to a race-track-cum-runway, strap in a fidgety mate with a camcorder, and drag race it to over 200mph against one of your well-heeled mates.

Which is how we arrive at this eye-popping video of Porsche’s flagship hybrid hypercar, the 918 Spyder, going head-to-head with a Koenigsegg Agera R at the Papenburg Test Track in north-west Germany.

The Porsche in question is a Weissach Package-equipped machine, meaning it has the extra aero winglets, six-point racing harnesses, and a matt wrap instead of paint, helping towards a 45kg weight saving. However, this owner appears to have shunned the lighter magnesium wheels.

So it’s 887bhp Porsche hybrid against 1124bhp Koenigsegg not-hybrid, the German heavyweight packing more torque, but giving away some 400kg to the Swedish pretender.

Which car wins? Watch the video to find out. Two things to bear in mind: first, that this is no way a scientifically approved test performed under controlled conditions. Second, that this isn’t even the fastest Koenigsegg.

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