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A gentleman named Jacek Kolodziejczyk has fired a salutary salvo to Ferrari’s XX track-programme with his take on how a harder, faster, ventier and totally unobtainable F12 would look like.

And it looks like that evil-eyed hunk of carbon fibre, above. But of course, it’s not made of carbon fibre, because it doesn’t exist, because it’s definitely not real*. But it looks every inch a new pin-up track monster from Ferrari.

Gallery: Ferrari F12XX render and the 599XX

Because Maranello has only just released the new F12 Berlinetta - which you can read about here - this take on how a future XX model is utter conjecture. And thus, a good time to remind you what happened to the old 599 when it was fed through the track-mill.

The V12 was boosted to 700bhp after stripping weight from components and using carbon fibre where possible. Ferrari also spent hours playing in the wind tunnel: the 599XX can increase downforce and cut drag depending on cornering conditions thanks to a porous material in the diffuser and two fans in the boot channelling air flow from under the car.

As such, the 599XX can generate 280kg of downforce at 200km/h and 630kg at 300km/h. That’s like having four fully-grown male cheetahs sitting on top at 124mph, or a large adult polar bear at 186mph slumbering on the roof. A bear!

Have a look through the gallery at Jacek’s work, and let us know what you think below. In particular, the F12XX rendered in black makes us believe it is displeased with our lack of faith…

*Seriously, it’s not real.

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