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Using Top Gear Maths, we’ve concluded that DRS makes your life exactly 93.5 per cent better*.

And thus, the new Ferrari 599XX with the Evolution package - that includes a mighty rear wing with a movable flap - makes you a better human being. It’s a good thing Ferrari only allows you to operate said DRS on the 599XX Evo seven times a year, because your life would otherwise be spent slipstreaming supercars and gloating mercilessly to your peers. All day long.

Confused? The new Evo is, of course, part of Ferrari’s XX programme; that series of set events at special race circuits across Europe where the lucky owners of the XX cars - 599XX, XX Evo and the Enzo-based Ferrari FXX - get to drive their cars and actually ‘work’ for Ferrari.

The third round has just finished at Monza, in Italy, and owners were given five driving sessions, helped by a group of engineers and professional wheel warriors teaching them racing lines and the specific handling nuances of their million-pound machines.

Naturally, the ‘work’ part comes in the post-race debrief, where Ferrari collate data to help develop its future model range. You had better hope those drivers are good…

Ferrari’s XX programme will hit Silverstone on 14-16 September (more details here), so if you want to see the FXX and Evo powering around, there’s your chance. Oh, and Ferrari will also be attempting to reclaim the Guinness World Record for the Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars at the same gathering. They’re going for over 500 - so if you’re a current owner here’s your chance to enter the record books. For the rest of us, that’s going to be a sight worth beholding… 

*This is probably untrue.

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