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Germans tune the Alfa 8C Spider to 600bhp

It’s one of the slowest cars around our track. It’s also the best looking car on Earth. It is terrible and magnificent in one contradictory swoop. It is the Alfa 8C.

Some Germans however, have decided to try and iron out the ‘terrible’ part of the 8C with some power.

Tuning house Novitec has strapped on some form of superchargment and intercooling contraption to the 8C Spider’s 4.7-litre V8, persuading the cylinders to expel 600 horses instead of 450. The torques have similarly read a Playboy issue, because they swell from 346lb ft to 434, and this means the wet-lettuced 8C now sprints from 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds (down from 4.2).

See more pics of the Novitec Alfa 8C Spider

However, Novitec has tweaked the suspension, fitting new coils, adjustable dampers and has also slapped on a new set of rims. Whether this makes it easier and more enjoyable to drive is anyone’s guess, but be thankful they haven’t touched the Alfa’s superlative looks.

Did it need an extra 150 horses? Or, as Jeremy explained on the show, does it just need some Blu-Tack to stick it on a wall?

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