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Husmen 699 GTO news - Rendered useless- 2008

Ever wondered what’d happen if a Ferrari
599 and a TVR Cerbera Speed 12 got a bit jiggy on absinthe and did something
they both regretted the next morning? Something like this, we’re guessing.

This is the Husmen 699 GTO, a study from
Turin design student Emre Husmen.

The 699, says Husmen, draws inspiration
from past Ferraris, including the 250 GTO, 250 TR and P4. Although similar in
dimension to the current 599, the 699 would apparently be some 200kg lighter
thanks to a carbon fibre body.

All good sensible stuff, just like the
twin-supercharged V8 under the bonnet and the hydraulic-lift suspension that’ll
help the 699 to clear speed bumps. Sounds production-viable already, eh?

Don’t be so sceptical. Husmen says that an
Italian coachbuilder is considering building the 699… pending feedback from
us, the unwashed general public. Our first bit of feedback might be to take a
close look at that front splitter. We like our feet. Where they are, attached
to our legs.

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