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LaFerrari + Spa + Rain = Terror

Thanks to a power output of 950bhp from an electrically assisted V12, in the dry the LaFerrari can get from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds, 124mph four seconds later, and a top end ‘in excess’ of 218mph. On a cold, wet day on a very slippery race track, it can’t. But it does provide an engrossing viral video.

How do we know this? Because one of the lucky 499 Ferrari TheFerrari owners recently brought his £1m hybrid-hypercar to a very wet trackday at Belgium’s notoriously scary and always wet Spa-Francorchamps. Would this be another video for filing in TG’s ever-growing ‘Fails’ cabinet? Nearly.

As James recently found out, Ferrari’s flagship commands much respect. This video confirms that fact. As you’ll see, each time the driver applies even the slightest squidge of throttle, the 789bhp 6.3-litre V12 and 161bhp electrical ‘Hy-Kers’ system combine to create abject terror in a swift demonstration of what happens when traction is lost.

Pull another gear, same thing. Treat it with less than utter respect, and this spiky car will happily spin its wheels all the way to the 9250rpm redline, and spit you off into the Armco in the process. Something that very nearly happens if you skip to 4:16.

And this isn’t the pilot being incompetent. Trust us, he knows how to drive. And don’t forget that, as Clarkson discovered, the McLaren P1 is barely less of a handful on the same track in the same sort of conditions…

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