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Some car companies rely on subliminal messaging, reverse psychology and wry understatement to promote their wares. Lamborghini is not one of these companies.

When Lamborghini wants to show off its latest, maddest hyper-convertible on its first public appearance, it slaps it on the deck of a warship. An Italian warship.

Yes, in an exercise apparently demonstrating (a) the superiority of Italian-made goods and (b) the appointment of a nine-year-old boy somewhere high up in the Sant’Agata management structure, Lambo has parked its very expensive, very pointy and very exclusive limited-run Veneno Roadster next to a Harrier Jump Jet on the Italian navy’s 240-metre aircraft carrier in Abu Dhabi.

If ever there was a car that didn’t require a massive, weaponised boat to boost its visual oomph, it’s the 740bhp, V12-engined, styled-with-a-cheesegrater roofless Veneno. At the same time, we’re not complaining, because, y’know… it’s a pointy Lambo and a warship. What’s not to like?

Even so, a word of warning: 220mph hypercar, aircraft carrier… best keep Black Stig away from the Persian Gulf for a while. Remember what happened last time?

Clearly the military-hardware-plus-hypercar gauntlet has been thrown down to Lambo’s arch-rival. Let’s see a LaFerrari strapped to the fuselage of an SR-71 Blackbird, Maranello…

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