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Don’t let peasants or sandal-wearing hippies tell you otherwise - money is good.

You can buy an electric blue Lamborghini SV and an electric blue Koenigsegg CCX. You can then buy something called a ‘Harrods’ to park them next to…

This money is good of course, until you encounter The Traffic Warden - a creature which feels no pain, fear or pity.

Exhibit A: these two super-exclusive exotics were clamped right outside Harrods on Brompton Road, with a collective value of around £1.8m.

While aforementioned sandal-wearing hippies and peasants will probably rejoice in the muzzling of these fine automobiles, remember this - they’re owned by the family which bought Harrods for £1.5 billion.

Getting them unclamped - and it’s a wild guess here - will not be an issue…

Vijay Pattni

Pic courtesy of SWNS

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