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Lamborghini Reventón news - Jet settler - 2007

As Lamborghini never tires of telling us, the
Murciélago-gone-mad Reventón was jet fighter-inspired.
Stealth bomber exterior panels, fighter pilot display panel, complimentary copy
of Top Gun when you buy one of the million-Euro hypercars.

So it was only apt that, this weekend, Lambo pitted the
Reventón in a drag race against… a Tornado jet fighter. And the car
lost. Obviously.

See, even with a 641bhp V12 and a top speed of
200ómph, the Reventón was never going to prove a match for the
Tornado, which is powered by a pair of turbofan jets developing just shy of
40,000bhp at sea level.

Lambo says it was a close-run thing
until the final stretch of the three-kilometre runway, when the Tornado
literally disappeared off into the distance.

 Still, watching plane versus car must’ve been quite a sight.

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