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Lexus LFA news - Video: LFA breaks glass - 2010

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It is a question every one of us has contemplated, often late at night, faced with the terrifying nothingness of the universe and the seeming futility of human endeavour:

Can a Lexus LFA break a champagne glass with its exhaust note alone?

The answer is… yes. Lexus has released a Very White Advert showing its V10 monster destroying a delicate flute with sound alone. Lexus says there’s no CGI at play here: instead, it employed a physicist to calculate exactly what flavour of glass would be most shatterable.

We’re not sure what this important scientific experiment proves, exactly. Don’t invite a Lexus LFA to a posh garden party, perhaps.

TopGear’s attempts to shatter a sturdy pint glass by revving a Mitsubishi Shogun diesel REALLY LOUD have so far proved unsuccessful. 

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