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Mercedes SLS news - SLS: can’t quite fly - 2009

There is an SLS on the roof of the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart.

But how did it get there? The obvious, sensible explanation, of course, is that it flew. Spread its big gullwings and soared mightily into the German sky before alighting gracefully atop the museum. Stands to reason, doesn’t it?

Keep to dispel such a myth - and the rash of letters starting, ‘Dear Mr Mercedes: contrary to your scandalous claims, my SLS is incapable of independent flight’ - Merc has released a video and a bunch of photos showing exactly how the SLS got up there.

On a crane. Which is a bit disappointing, really. But at least they had the decency to leave the doors open as the SLS was raised off the ground, allowing those of us of a more romantic persuasion to believe, just for a second, that it really was flying.

Worth it, we think, for that shot of the SLS suspended far over the city, wings outstretched. Forgive us our bastardised Back To The Future moment…

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