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Millyard Viper V10 - Dodge this - 2009

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The trouble with bikes is that your engine has to somehow fit between your legs. Fine if you’ve got a compact little four-cylinder. But if you fancy stuffing a V10 in the frame, you’ll have to have spread your legs wider than an elephant jockey.
Which is exactly what you’ll have to do to get astride this Millyard. Because between your thighs rests an enormous 8.0-litre V10 from a Viper. So you sit right on top of 500bhp and have to lean forward over the expansive engine and fuel tank just to reach the bars.
Watch the Millyard Viper V10 in action in this YouTube clip from Motor Cycle News:

What other examples of massive car engines being wedged into small, non-car objects have you seen? We’re always suckers for this brilliant V8 chainsaw clip. Heck yeah…

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