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Name these cars from their engines

We’ve got a profoundly interesting and entirely brilliant game for the proper car enthusiasts out there. Who amongst you can name every single car in the video above just by its engine noise?

You’ll have to listen to it with your eyes closed, however, because the people behind the video - Nitto Tires - have handily captioned every car’s name and engine as each one fires up.

We won’t spoil the fun, but there are some astonishing noises made by some of the world’s finest and most exotic supercars and rarities in the clip. And for good reason, too.

Speaking to, Nitto said: “We kept seeing videos of kids running with camcorders behind cars coming out of the Nurburgring but nothing special and high quality. So we decided to make something really nice.”

“The basis of the video is that there is more than the looks to cars, they have a soul that is very special to each one. The sound of the engines and exhaust are just as important as the looks.”

It took over three months ‘calling in favours’ from supercar owners and collectors, spanning London, the Middle East and California - “an average Saturday at Cars n Coffee is a supercar meet up” - and filming was done in four separate locations. The last one was the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA.

There are 33 cars in total, and one of them - we won’t say which one just yet - was previously owned by Steve McQueen, while another was owned by Elvis Presley. That’s pedigree.

“It sets up a sequel hopefully at some point,” Nitto told us. “Maybe we can get a LaFerrari by then”. No need to worry - we’ve got the LaFerrari’s V12 starting up, which you can listen to here

So click play above, close your eyes and see if you’re right. Then, watch it over and over and over again, because it’s really quite brilliant.

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