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Spyker C8 Aileron news - Come on, Aileron - 2008

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This beauty has slipped under the radar
somewhat, upstaged by a recent spate of supercar howlers.
But what we’ve got here is the C8 Aileron, the latest creation from the Dutch
dudes at Spyker.

A longer wheelbase version of the
Laviolette, the Aileron gets Spyker’s signature architecture
(mid-engine/aluminium panels and space frame) but an extra 10cm on the
wheelbase. The front track is wider and the torsional rigidity up by 40%.

Interestingly, Spyker has reduced the
polished aluminium content on the Aileron, citing a ‘trend Spyker sees in
general: more sober designs, less exuberant’. However, Spyker’s delicious
Aeroblade wheels remain, as does a diamond-pattern leather and turned aluminum

Power comes from Audi’s 400bhp 4163cc V8,
delivering 187mph and 0-60mph in just under 4.5 seconds.

Interestingly, 80% of all Spykers have
been ordered without sound systems. Why? ‘The basic reasoning being that the
engine provided all the sound one could possibly wish for,’ says Spyker.
However, the Aileron gets a Kharma sound system, with GPS, Bluetooth, CD player
and an iPod jack.

It’s a
beguiling car. A plucky, pretty, design-homogenous effort from the Dutch.
They’re racing what they call a ‘Squadron’ at Le Mans this year, too; they
won’t win, but the spirit of independence lives on at Spyker like no other team
at the 24 hour classic.

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