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Top Gear has changed the game again! Our previous achievements include conquering the world of advertising, redesigning environmental cars, making public transport more efficient and making motorhoming more enjoyable. But they are all inconsequential compared to our latest feat: shaking up the world of new car launches.

It seems that our perilously pernickety car-park-based guessing game is now a viable marketing tool for teasing exciting American supercars.

SRT, the people building the new Viper, are obviously huge fans of guessing what’s in the Top Gear Garage. Such big fans in fact, that they’ve strategically hijacked the game to preview the next generation of Viper that will wear the Stryker badge

Typically the photo doesn’t give too much away, so we’re still hanging on to the fact that we know it will come with a V10 swollen to a monstrous 8.7 litres. Perhaps thankfully, traction control will be fitted for the first time to give those 600+ horses a chance to get their hooves to the road (but only because the law says it has to).

Now that you’ve had a massive clue dot commers, why not try and draw the new Viper and send it to us at

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