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SSC Ultimate Aero TT news - Today's eBay bargain... - 2009

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Beware eBay impulse buying. You’re happily browsing for a second-hand pair of socks or whatnot, accidentally click onto the automobiles section (yes, we all do it) and end up blowing a million dollars on the world’s fastest production car.

Yes, that’s the world’s fastest production car. The actual SSC Ultimate Aero TT that set the 256mph record in September 2007. With the actual 1183bhp twin-turbo V8. The SSC Ultimate Aero TT that’ll hit 60mph in 2.8 seconds and 100mph in five seconds flat. The SSC Ultimate Aero TT that’ll show the Bugatti Veyron a clean pair of heels.

And it’s all yours. Well, it is if you’ve a million dollars or so to spare. Bidding is currently around the half-a-million mark, but the reserve hasn’t been met, so you’d better start sweet-talking your bank manager quicksharp if you want to get in on the game.

Happily, the sellers boast that the SSC is ‘docile enough to drive around town’ and ‘100 per cent dependable and reliable’ – it even comes with a one year warranty. Suddenly looks like a sensible alterative to that Hyundai i20 you were considering, eh? And we bet your Hyundai doesn’t come with an official Guinness Book of Records certificate, right?

Take a look at the SSC’s eBay page if you’re keen on buying, or just want a good ogle. Just steer clear of that big ‘Bid’ button until you’ve cleared it with the Significant Other, that’s all we’re saying…

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