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If you entered the mind’s eye of the Top Gear team, you’ll likely find lots of fire, lots of noise, and probably quite a lot of rockets. Rockets like this one - the one the Bloodhound SSC team are about to test fire.

It’s only the most powerful rocket produced in the UK for 20 years!

The Bloodhound team, consisting of pilot Andy Green and Richard Noble, are putting together a car capable of exceeding 1,000mph, and as such, require quite a large piece of motivational equipment to power such a run. It uses a Eurojet EJ200 military jet engine - as seen in the Eurofighter plane - that provides around half the thrust, a 750bhp Cosworth F1 engine that will supply 800 litres of ‘High Test Peroxide’ to a rocket at 9 gallons every second, and, erm, a ruddy big rocket.

Step forward a bespoke rocket built by Falcon Project Ltd; a rocket that burns a combination of solid fuel and a liquid oxidiser which will provide an average thrust of 25,000lbf, and peak thrust of 27,500lbf. Oh, and quite a lot of noise. The whole package is said to develop over 300 decibels, apparently. Our kind of ‘hybrid’ setup, then.

You can watch the live stream below, and then check back on for the full story - we’ve got a staffer stationed somewhere massively unsafe documenting the test. Assuming he comes back to TG HQ in one piece - and not in many, judging by the size of the rocket - we’ll bring you the full story…

Watch the live stream here

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