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Wiesmann GT MF5 news - Wies guy, eh? - 2008

This is the Wiesmann GT MF5. We presume
‘MF’ refers to something rather naughty because this car offers insane
performance. How does 0-60mph in around 3.9seconds and 193mph flat-out grab

The MF5 is the latest Wiesmann - a
German-made sports car with Austin Healey-esque styling and BMW engines.
Following on from the six-cylinder M3-powered MF3, the MF5 has a whacking-great
BMW V10 from the M5 under the bonnet.

Wiesmann has wiesely (sorry) resisted the
urge to tune this motor, meaning 507bhp and 383lb/ft of torque. In a car
weighing just 1,380kg, no wonder the acceleration is of the eyeball-spinning

Underneath, the Wiesmann’s is pretty
high-tech. There’s an aluminium monocoque chassis, proper energy absorbing
crumple zones and ABS and DSC. The M5’s seven-speed fancy-pants paddle-shift
gearbox is standard.

How much for
all this long-bonnet lunacy? Around £150,000.

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