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This 720S is inspired by the words of Bruce McLaren

Black’n’gold gets a rear wing daubed in Arabic script. Timeless, or tasteless?

This will split opinion. The car in question is a McLaren 720S, which we’re already sold on: it’s an insanely fast, incredibly approachable, beautifully executed supercar. A supercar which, thanks to McLaren Special Operations, you can configure in any way your heart (or naff taste) desires.

Here’s MSO’s latest piece of work, revealed at the 2017 Dubai motor show. What looks to be, on first glance, a Zenith Black 720S on gold-painted wheels is in fact something a tad more… bespoke. 

For a start, 24-carat gold coats the engine bay, just like the McLaren F1’s heatshield. Pity the 720S doesn’t have an openable engine cover, so most of the gold is hidden… That’s probably why the owner has specced yet more golden finish in the carbon and suede-swathed cabin.

Mainly though, it’s the 720S’s airbrake that sets this 1 of 1 commission apart. Picked out in gold paint across the wing’s surface is the Bruce McLaren quote ‘Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone’. It’s written in Arabic script, and stylised to evoke Dubai’s record-breaking skyline. 

McLaren says 120 hours were spent personalising this car, with 30 hours being spent on the wing’s unique finish alone. Meanwhile, every carbon option box has been ticked, and the weave has also been applied to the steering wheel, in an MSO-exclusive finish.

A worthy tribute to the company’s founder, or too much bling? Is bling even still a thing? Hmm. We told you it’d split opinion.

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