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This Aston Martin GT12 costs more than any new Ferrari

You will literally never guess how much this hardly-used Aston GT12 is selling for

There is some good news, and some rather frightening news. First, let us regale you with the good stuff. A used Aston Martin Vantage GT12 has come up for sale, and it is therefore a very rare opportunity to purchase a very rare, V12-engined Aston supercar with a mighty wing on the back.

The GT12 is Aston’s swansong for the Vantage, and features a fully-upgraded 6.0-litre V12: a new magnesium inlet manifold, magnesium torque tube, and titanium exhaust all feature, as does 595bhp, 461lb ft of torque and a 0-60mph time of 3.5secs.

Allied to this power and noise is a full suite of carbonfibre addenda and an overall saving of 100kg over the standard V12 Vantage. All in, this thing weighs just 1,565kg. 

As we found out in our test drive earlier this year, it’s also the most “dynamically competent road-going Aston Martin of the last decade”, (and yes, we included the One-77 in that).

Top Gear’s Aston Martin Vantage GT12 review

Aston only ever set out to build 100 of the things, and they all sold out before the car was even shown to the great masses of You. The asking price at the time? £250,000. A lot, then, for a hotted-up V12 Vantage, but on-par in today’s world of super-exclusive limited editions. At the time, TG’s Ollie Marriage remarked: “I suspect on the used market these things will become instant collector’s items. Which makes them the best value investments out there…”

So now we come to the frightening bit of the equation. This particular Aston Martin GT12 - with its 595bhp, insane wing and even more insane noise - is being offered up for sale. It has covered just 499 miles. And it will cost you… £428,995.

Yes, over four-hundred-thousand pounds for Aston’s smallest, and now oldest, car. More than the most expensive Ferrari. More than the most expensive Lamborghini.

Yes, it’s rare, and yes, it’s a riot to drive (as we found out). And yes, it makes a great investment as this evidence shows. But… are supercar values all getting a bit out of hand?

Tell us below.

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