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Bugatti does recalls properly

The Chiron has been recalled. But don't worry, there's no unscheduled trips to the dealer

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When you have an ordinary car, recalls are a bit of a PITA. Not so if you’re the owner of a Bugatti Chiron – TG’s Hypercar of the Year. Last week Molsheim issued a recall for 47 cars built since production began in February because of defective welds in the seat recliner brackets.

Normally mending such an issue would require a trip to a dealer, and a lengthily wait involving many cups of sub-standard coffee. But Bugatti recognises that when you’re spending millions on a car, you expect a bit more in the way of service.

Which is why as well as the letters the law obliges it to send to owners, Bugatti’s “Flying Doctors” will make phone calls to every affected owner, and arrange for their cars to be collected and trucked to the nearest dealer to have the entire seating assembly replaced (free of charge, obviously).

Bugatti says its “Flying Doctor” programme, which gives owners 24/7 support, is “comparable to the concierge service at a six-star hotel”. Technicians that can monitor cars remotely and arrange for their repair, sometimes even flying directly to the owner’s home. Oh, to be wealthy. 


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