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Can you use a McLaren 720S to do 'everyday' things?

Rush hour, loading it up with kit and a spot of gentle off-roading: can the Mc720 cope?

We already know the 720bhp, 212mph, £208,600 McLaren 720S is a brilliant supercar, but there are so many unanswered questions: can you get a set of golf clubs in it? How does it handle a speed bump? Where can you put your wallet? Your five man tent? Your mountain bike? Is it noisy on motorways? What about some (gentle) off-roading in it?

These things clearly matter to those who might want to take their new McLaren camping. Or golfing. Or to somewhere they might want to spend some money. Of course we’re being daft, but with an ulterior motive – to show just how capable and user-friendly this modern supercar is.

So we spent a full day doing stuff with the 720S, battling morning rush hour, smashing out some motorway distance, loading it up with kit and finally just driving it on some great roads. The sort of stuff you might consider doing were you in the fortunate position to be considering this as your daily driver. Your town hack. Your family car. Your runabout.

And yes, I know the bike looks wobbly, but I promise it never let go. Turns out mounting a SeaSucker rack on a car with doors that cut into the roof leaves you a bit short of options…

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