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Gallery: many lovely Lamborghinis go on tour

Greatest road trips on Earth? A collection of Lambos in some rather delectable locations

  1. Many Lamborghinis have been touring around Japan, and here are some pictures of them. Yep, sometimes you don’t need elaborate setups and the like, because a collection of Lamborghinis hooning across some spectacular scenery is a story in itself.

    This particular story takes place along the Ise Bay, with owners covering some 350km in just two days. They stopped along the route, naturally catching “the attention of many pedestrians who could not help but stop to see the cars running at high speed in fascination”.

    Yeah, that tends to happen with a Bull Run (we did one a few years back. Italy practically ground to a halt to watch).

    Have a look below.

  2. That’s not all, mind. A separate tour took place in China, across Gansu and Qinghai in the western part of the country. We’re told the Lambos drove “one of the most beautiful roads in China”, the Qinghai Lake road.

    There was the customary sight-seeing too, taking in monasteries, national parks, and even a ruddy customised Lamborghini hot air balloon ride. No cars were present on this hot air balloon, you’ll be sad to hear. But just imagine.

  3. Finally, we come to the American leg of Lamborghini’s ‘Giro’. This one was along the Pacific Northwest of the United States, taking in Washington, Seattle, Portland and the Oregon Coast.

    Now, once you’ve digested these pics, we’d like to hear your nominations for future Lamborghini tours, and indeed future tours for any carmaker.

    A reunion of remaining 1970s Rover V8s through the West Midlands, perhaps? Hmm, maybe we better think harder on this one…

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