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Is Koenigsegg planning a hardcore track special?

Sweden’s formidable hypercar manufacturer says a track-only monster could be on the cards

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Christian von Koenigsegg is the owner of the company that builds Koenigsegg hypercars. They are plenty scary. Now, it appears Christian is interested in building something even scarier: a track-only special.

So to follow the Agera RS (pictured above), One:1 ‘megacar’ and the 1,800bhp Regera road-biased performance cars, a Koenigsegg built specifically for circuit work is on the cards.

“That is something we are thinking about,” Christian said when asked if he’d consider moving into the track-car sphere, “but it wouldn’t be [based on] a One:1, because that was optimised as a road car with incredible track performance.

“This would be a track-only car, which therefore has a different philosophy,” he added.

Though Christian wouldn’t reveal any more information, we know that his mind is already keyed into serious track work. Koenigsegg’s plan to set a new lap record at the Nürburgring in the 1,340bhp One:1 hypercar was scuppered only by the ‘Ring’s recent speed restrictions.

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Speaking to last year, Christian stated: “Given the straight-line performance of our cars, many people believe they are straight-line rockets.

“Actually, this is the least of our priorities and focuses. The massive engine power [of the One:1] is nice to have, but far less important than mechanical grip around most tracks.”

He noted the ‘well sorted chassis’ of the One:1, and said because of the car’s long wishbones, it “allows for a very small track width deviation during wheel movements, in combination with one of the highest downforce numbers ever achieved on a road-going vehicle.”

“During our testing at the Nürburgring, we can already see the potential when comparing official data and videos from other manufacturers,” he told us.

Get ready for the four-door Koenigsegg

With the new Regera taking up the company’s bandwidth, we suspect any track-only special could be a while off, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, Mr von Koenigsegg also confirmed something even more interesting than a track-only car: furniture.

Speaking on his website, Christian admitted that he often thinks about building other things too. “I’ve thought about boats a little bit. Furniture. Stuff. Anything that involves innovation, good design and nice materials. I’m not interested in slapping our logo on any old thing. It’s got to be something worthwhile and it’s got to improve on what’s already available in terms of function.”

So there you have it: a potential track-special, and a set of hyper-armchairs. Which are you more excited by?

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