This McLaren MSO R is a two-off supercar special

One customer commissions two unique cars for some (hopefully) track-based fun

What’s better than a bespoke McLaren supercar, developed just for you? Two bespoke McLaren supercars, developed just for you. Obviously.

Which is what you see here. The MSO R Coupe and MSO R Spider are a coordinated pair of 650S-based treats, the result of a personal commission by one necessarily rich customer.

MSO, of course, is McLaren Special Operations. They’re the team behind all manner of special editions and specialist commissions, the first of which was the Gerry Anderson-esque X-1.

These are a little more conventional, and far more focused on driving nerdery. There’s a lot of carbon, with the bumper, bonnet, roof scoop, rear deck and mirror arms all treated to the material.

Its interior has been suitably hosed in Alcantara, with the steering wheel getting a centre stripe. Both interior and exterior run the same silver/red/black colour scheme, but the Coupe is finished in satin, the Spider in gloss.

The car is based on the old Super Series McLaren structure – 12C, 650S and 675LT – and runs the most powerful iteration of their 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. Its 679bhp is just 13bhp up on the 675LT, yet the pair of MSO R engines haven’t just had an ECU tweak: there are hand polished heads and exhaust ports, and a unique exhaust system with titanium end pipes.

What the owner paid (probably millions) hasn’t been revealed, and neither has what they have planned with their MSO Rs. The spec looks track-biased, being harder and more powerful than the already pin-sharp 675LT. But that’s also a great road car, and maybe these two will be treated to regular visits to Alpine passes.

Whatever, we hope they get properly used. When you’ve got two cars with the same spec, you’ve always got one spare if you drive the other just a bit too hard…