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The new Nissan GT-R Nismo costs £174,995

£175k on Nissan’s ultimate GT-R, or extra for AMG’s ultimate, um, GT R?

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The Nissan GT-R Nismo we recently tested now has a price. And it’s a fairly chunky one. The ultimate, track-happy, wingshod version of Godzilla will set you back £174,995.

Now, £175k is a lot for a Nissan. The GT-R Nismo is thirteen-and-a-half times more expensive than the most basic Micra. But, and we’re bravely sticking our necks out here, it’s probably thirteen-and-a-half times more car. Maybe more.

Y’see, the new Nismo is a four-wheel, turbocharged piece of Japanese ‘kaizen’ – the constant need to evolve and fine-tune. That’s why Nissan has taken what’s at heart a 12-year old veteran and fitted new carbon bumpers and a carbon roof. Lighter, forged wheels and ceramic brakes. Bespoke tyres. Turbos from a GT3 racing car. It’s like a genetically modified dinosaur, wreaking havoc in the modern world. Hey, there’s an idea for a movie…

That’s what you’re paying for. Many, many months of Japanese engineers looking at graphs and charts and then deciding to completely rewrite the gearbox’s shifting strategy code so it swaps cogs a billionth of a second faster. Because why the heck not?

So here’s the question. Which car called GT-R would you chuck the thick end of £200k on? Because while the Nismo GT-R is £175k, AMG will sell you the new GT R Pro for a cool £188,345.

The Nissan is a bargain in the ‘shouty-front-engined track-spec road car with big wing’ sector. And what’s more, it’s not even a limited edition. Nissan will build about 400 a year, so if you’re quick with an order, you might get hold of one before there’s an even faster GT-R. If that’s even possible.

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