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Now watch the Hennessey Venom F5 hit 250mph+ on a runway

It’s time to test the F5’s, um, ‘F5’ top speed mode

Published: 10 Jan 2022

You’ve seen it nearly rattle itself free from a dyno, and then shoot flames from its quad exhausts. Now it’s time to watch Hennessey’s Venom F5 have a brief dalliance with the concept of ‘250mph’.

In this latest episode, John Hennessey’s incoming 1,792bhp land-based missile does some high-speed stability tests at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds in Florida. Which means engaging the fabled ‘F5’ mode that allows the car to go very, very fast.

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And from the brief flash we see here, it looks… stable, right? Certainly sounds stable, the LS-based 6.6-litre twin-turbo V8 ‘fury’ engine providing a lovely backdrop.

Hennessey is keen to stress that this is not a top speed test, because you’ll remember the car’s top speed is projected at 311mph (500kmh). Instead, it’s “one of many tests conducted by the Hennessey engineering team to evaluate high-speed stability and vehicle dynamics”.

More as we have it.

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