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Old Honda NSX or new Honda NSX?

Honda's American cousin celebrates 30 years of NSXiness. You should too

Published: 07 Feb 2019

A simple game, dear reader: old NSX or new NSX? It’s hardly an original question, but Acura’s decision to get the pair together – to mark 30 years since the former was first revealed, no less – is a jolly good reason to pose it again.

Acura is Honda’s fancier American cousin, don’t forget, and the people who produce the current NSX regardless of which badge it wears. If it’s freaking you out seeing these two cars without an iconic H-badge, then console yourself with just how excellent they look without front number plates. Supercars should be exempt from wearing them in the UK, right?

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It’s also great to see both in gleaming red. Back in the 1990s, when the old NSX’s production got into full swing, red was the supercar colour. Nowadays you’ve got slick matt greys at one end of the scale and lurid oranges and greens at the other, with poor old red a little forgotten in the middle ground. As a matching pair, though, these two look superb.

But it’s up to you to decide which looks better. Do you prefer pop-up lights or slick DRLs? Fat tyres or huge rims? All of the glass or wildly sculptured bodywork?

And perhaps more crucially, 276bhp V6 with manual gearbox and rear-drive, or 573bhp hybrid powertrain with paddleshifters and four-wheel drive?

In short, old or new? If you want to fully research your decision, you should probably click right here…

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