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Shock! The new McLaren GT has a rear end!

McLaren’s new Grand Tourer is called… the McLaren GT. It’s very nearly here

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McLaren’s new GT car will be called the McLaren GT. And we can exclusively confirm that it will have a rear end. Wheels, lights and everything.

A new teaser picture released today showcases the new Grand Tourer’s svelte rear profile, while a video uploaded to a popular video hosting service showcases the car’s side and front.

The full thing will be revealed next week, on 15 May at exactly 1pm (BST). Until then, we know only this: this is not a replacement for any current McLaren hyper or supercar, but a standalone, brand new entry that combines supercar-y-ness with GT-y-ness. We’re definitely not confused. Nope.

Think Aston DB11 or Bentley Continental GT rival. As such, McLaren’s car will get a V8 similar to the one stuffed in the middle of the 720S, along with a carbon fibre tub. It’ll weigh less than 1,500kg which is quite light for what promises to be a mind-bendingly capable Thing. About 70 per cent of the car will be new, including every single body panel.

It’s not a front-engined GT, but a mid-engined one, though McLaren’s boss Mike Flewitt told TG earlier in the year that “when you drive it I guarantee you won’t wish the engine was in the front. It’s not a cut-down saloon car”.

So it’ll be fast, but because it’s called GT and is a Grand Tourer, will be luxurious and practical too. So the rear boot will apparently accommodate skis and a golf bag. And there’s more space in the front boot too.

Stay tuned for the full reveal…

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