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Should the new Nissan GT-R look like this?

Online designer has a stab at the next-gen Godzilla, with vivid results

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A new Nissan GT-R is coming. That much we know. We also know it’ll come with some semblance of hybrid assistance and retain its famously burly character. Beyond that, though, is a mystery. Particularly when it comes to how the GT-R will look.

Happily, designer Enoch Gabriel Gonzales has been busy with the electronic Crayolas and concocted this. It’s a pretty plausible glance into the crystal ball, his ‘2021 Nissan GT-R’ combining elements from the Italdesign GT-R50 and Nissan’s own Vision Gran Turismo concept to make something that looks like a GT-R, only newer and fancier.

So the quad rear lights remain, but they’re far more sculptured than before, while Nissan’s V-grille has grown exponentially to lend Godzilla a more aggressive face than ever. The roofline and proportions are barely changed from the current car, so there’s some comforting familiarity, and no mistaking which car Enoch’s worked up even before you’ve seen the badges.

Over to you, then. Should Nissan be taking notes from Enoch? Or would you like the next GT-R to be wilder yet?

Images: Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

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