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Top Gear drag races #6: BMW M4 vs Lexus RC-F vs GT-R

Three performance heavyweights go toe-to-toe, but who'll win?

GT-R. I don’t really need to say much more, because these are the Letters The Internet Loves. The big Nissan is the giant-slayer we all love, and here, if I’m honest, we’re not testing it as hard as we could.

The 542bhp, 4wd super-coupe takes on a pair of rivals that not only have around 100bhp less, but also sport two fewer driven wheels. They’re also cheaper…

So the outsome is rather predictable, if quite revealing for the extent of the Nissan’s margin of victory. Behind it, the battle is much closer as 470bhp naturally aspirated Lexus RC F battles 425bhp twin turbo BMW M4.

The power advantage might sit with the Lexus, but the BMW has a couple of ounces more torque and weighs a whole heap less. Like quarter of a ton less… The trouble is the latest BMW M3/M4, as you might have figured out by now, has rubbish traction off the line. Honestly, Launch mode would be better labelled Burnout mode.

So here you go, another of our drag challenges with one clear winner, but a proper fight for the runner-up spot.

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