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Video: 2,005bhp Lamborghini catches fire at 250mph

In Jeremy’s most recent column, he deduced that in 2013, with the 700bhp Ferrari F12, we have finally hit the pinnacle of sensible, useable power.

Well, the guys at Underground Racing obviously didn’t read it. They recently strapped two massive turbos to a Lamborghini Gallardo to give it 2,005bhp, performed some scientific aerodynamic tweaks (sealed any holes with gaffer tape) and set it free down a mile-long drag strip in Russia. As you can see from the video above, it didn’t quite go to plan.

It starts well with the boosted Italian supercar powering down the strip looking like it’s about to take off. But when the driver reaches the mile marker 23.9 seconds later and at 250 miles per hour, the car decides to do a very Back to the Future ‘we’ve hit 88mph!’ impression. But instead of smashing through a time portal leaving flaming tyre marks, it just fizzles to a stop at the end of a runway in flames.

Maybe Jeremy was right after all.

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