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Video: a 200mph ride in a Ferrari FXXK

Jump on board and lap Daytona in Maranello’s 1,035bhp LaFerrari track car

Don’t worry if you failed to find €2.5 million down the back of the sofa for Ferrari’s faster, track-only LaFerrari-based FXXK. Thanks to some footage from last weekend’s Finali Mondiali in Florida, you can have a ride in one for free.

Naturally, it’s not as epic as being behind the wheel yourself. But listening to the 6.3-litre V12 scream as its 848bhp marries up with the 187bhp from the electric motor to create lots of glorious speed on Daytona’s legendary banking isn’t half bad.

Just to recap, the FXXK is the latest car from Ferrari’s Corse Clienti division. It’s a limited-run track-only mobile laboratory for the super-rich strata of the company’s customer base that prefers to operate at the bleeding edge of high performance, rather than commission a one-off SP (special projects) car or run a decommissioned Formula One machine. 

Over the course of the year, Ferrari will ship your car to eight events that span the most famous race tracks in Europe, Asia and North America. As well as the car, a full support team tags along – there to teach people how to get the best out of the car, fix it if it goes wrong and dry-clean your custom race suit after. In return, all you have to do is fang the car around as an act of research and development. Just like the guy in the video above.

Pretty sweet gig, eh?

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