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Video: cameraman plays chicken with a Lamborghini

Why you shouldn’t get in the way of an angry 740bhp Aventador SV

It’s said that a moment of hesitation can cause a lifetime of regrets. Well, if that moment happens to be standing befuddled in front of a locked and loaded Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, the regrets can be quite serious.

That was the situation that faced one confused cameraman at a recent drag racing event. As you can see above, a bright blue SV Roadster (not too dissimilar from the one that we took up a deserted Alp recently) is ready to fire down a runway against a C7 Corvette. 

With its brutal launch control system harrumphing away – amplified by the addition of an incredibly shouty Akrapovic exhaust – you can’t say that the cameraman couldn’t hear it coming. Even so, with a hefty lens on his shoulder, the man sprints across the track right in front of the Lamborghini just as the Christmas tree lights turn to green. Luckily, with all four wheels spinning the Aventador driver manages to squiggle past the petrified lunatic and win the race.

Having analysed the footage, we can only assume that the cameraman had seen a Caterpie on the other side of the track and had to add it to his Pokedex. But even when you’ve got to Catch Em’ All, remember to look both ways, kids.

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