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Video: Lambo SV vs McLaren 675 LT vs 911 GT3 RS

From this month's TG magazine: our trio of supercars battle it out in the Lake District...

What you’re about to watch is not your standard supercar film. That would have been too easy. Another video of supercars sliding around a racetrack? Pah.

No, what we wanted was something that involved a bit more… jeopardy. And no, that does not mean we battled with traffic wardens, speed bumps and high kerbs in central London.

And besides, we’ve already driven the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, McLaren 675LT and Lamborghini Aventador SV extensively on both road and track. We know what they’re like: pretty extraordinary, the most hardcore driving weapons of the last 12 months. So we decided to celebrate that by going and doing something daft in them.

Together the three of them muster 1898bhp and 1362lb ft of torque. Only one of them takes longer than 3 seconds to hit 60mph (the GT3 RS, in case you were wondering) and they have an average top speed around the 205mph mark. They are bananas.

However none of that preyed on our minds while we were making this film. OK, only a little bit. What did concern us was the combined value – a snippish £705,874. Oh, and the vulnerability of protruding bits of carbon. Enjoy the film.

Video taken from the February issue of Top Gear Magazine - ‘The Stig Presents Fight Club’. Pick up your copy from newsagents and supermarkets to read about more great battles including 911 vs i8 vs F-Type, ‘Stang vs ‘Vette vs Viper, Pagani vs Koenigsegg. Available until Tuesday 26th Jan…

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