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Watch: McLaren P1 monsters Corvette Z06

Yes, we know, two different cars, two worlds apart, two very different ideas about performance. Whatever: sometimes, watching a really, really fast car get blown away by an even faster car just makes for good viewing.

Today’s case in point, the Corvette Z06 and the McLaren P1. Filmed here on the Circuit of the Americas - that’s in The Americas - we sit onboard with the 650bhp Z06 as it gamely tries to catch the orange P1 ahead of it.

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Some corners happen, the cars close up. Then both get on the straight, and, well, the P1’s 903bhp gets deployed in a manner that makes the Z06 look like its going backwards. Watch from about the 1m15s mark to see the difference between a very fast car, and a very, very, very fast car.

Watch. Enjoy. And then give us a moment while we run for cover, and you lot wade into the comments below. Whichever way, isn’t it good seeing performance cars doing what they were born to do, and not shrink-wrapped in a climate-controlled garage?

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