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What do you make of this McLaren 720S Shooting Brake?

It’s unofficial and definitely not a real thing, but it does raise a curious question…

The McLaren 720S is a very fast, very powerful supercar. It is 710bhp worth of carbon-fibre, V8-engined twin turbocharged fury, poise and technological achievement.

What it is not, however, is a very fast, very powerful Shooting Brake. Here then, is a ‘what if’: what if McLaren decided to loosen off the shackles and go a little off piste? What if… McLaren actually built a supercar-Shooting Brake thingy?

It certainly wouldn’t be the first. Ferrari after all, makes the GTC4Lusso, which is a four-seat supercar with an SB body. Before that there was such excellence as the Aston Virage Shooting Brake, the Merc-AMG CLS 63 SB, and of course, the little BMW Z3M.

This render then, follows a fine tradition. It was designed – completely unofficially – by a chap named Javier Oquendo. Speaking to, he said: “I have always been attracted to the Shooting Brake styling, I think it makes a car look sleek and elegant, and mixing this with a pure breed supercar like the 720S seemed like a good idea to me.

“I find it amazing how two ideas so different and that shouldn’t work together actually work so well,” he added.

So, Internet, like the idea of a 710bhp Shooting Brake McLaren? Let us know below.

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Image courtesy of Javier Oquendo

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