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You need this Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Porsche-approved Technic model has almost 3,000 pieces, most of them Lava Orange

Published: 26 Apr 2016

Add this to your wish-list right away: it’s a Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The perfect companion on your over-sized toy shelf for the new Lego Caterham Seven, we reckon.

Made up of a intimidating, bound-to-hurt-your-foot-in-the-night 2,704 pieces, the Lego GT3 RS is a staggering piece of miniature engineering. By which we mean, no, of course it’s not a toy. There’s the fully functional double-clutch gearbox to piece together, the rear-mounted flat-six engine to construct, plus faithfully recreated ‘forged’ wheels and yellow brake calipers, and the adjustable Very Big Wing. Here’s hoping the instructions are up the scratch.

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There’s more. An opening bonnet, compete with Porsche emblem, and a Lego suitcase to fit into the luggage compartment. Opening doors. Working steering. Each model even has its own individual serial number, like the real thing, which you can find in the opening glovebox. Short of an asking price which increases as fast as the 493bhp real-life RS accelerates, it’s difficult to think what more attention to detail Lego could’ve added.

On the subject of price, it’s not cheap. The 570mm-long 1:8-scale model will set you back $299 when it goes on sale in August, which equates to around £200 in sterling. Pretty hefty for a plastic kit. But a bargain when you think that’s near enough what Porsche charges to paint the key of a full-scale GT3 RS the same colour as your car. And they’re all sold out anyway…

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