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Be scared: Bowler's made an angry V8 Defender road car

Purveyor of off-road playthings decides our roads need a mad new V8 toy

A new Bowler is coming, and you ought to be interested. Where its previous vehicles have been off-road playthings, perhaps only relevant if you have frequent access to closed forests or disused quarries, this one’s designed for the road. Yikes.

All we’ve seen so far is a teaser video, from which this image is sourced. But there’s more than enough information to paint a picture of what’s coming.

One, it’s clearly based on a Land Rover Defender. A Defender that’s been painted matt black, though subtle it ain’t; it’s gained an aggressive body kit with big fat arches. Width restrictors will surely be its kryptonite. It’ll be intimidating in a rear-view mirror, of that we’re sure.

Two, it’s got a stonking great V8 in it. The short video – posted on Twitter – invites guesses as to what’s powering it, but there’s no mistaking the noise is from something big and eight-cylindered with scant regard for saving the world. Could it be the supercharged V8 that’s so boisterously noisy in the Range Rover SVR? We shall wait and see.

For now, tell us what you’re hoping to see from Bowler’s new road car…

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