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Behind the scenes on Jaguar’s mad E-Pace barrel roll

They finished on a successful, record-breaking barrel roll. But they started off in a heap...

We’ll cut to the chase. Watching a Jaguar E-Pace test mule barrel roll through the air and straight into what looks like the world’s best bouncy castle is perhaps one of the best ways to waste some time.

Naturally, there is much science behind the throwing-a-car-into-a-bouncy-castle thing… science that helped Jaguar claim a Guinness World Record for the furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle.

Jaguar E-Pace: this is it

You’ll remember that only last week, Jaguar launched the E-Pace to the world. Literally and metaphorically. At the reveal, stunt driver Terry Grant  strapped himself into an E-Pace, lined up the baby Jag SUV and took a 160-metre punt up a ramp.

Milliseconds later, he was performing a 270-degree roll 15.3m through the air, landing – mercifully – on all four wheels. Though it looked straightforward, the preparation took a lot of data analysis, CAD simulation and so forth. And of course, ploughing a prototype through the air, into a bouncy castle at Santa Pod.

“I’m gonna be going at there, at speed,” Terry explains in the film above. “I’ve got to hold my body for the initial kick of hitting the ramp. I don’t just wanna do it and be a passenger, I want to actually be able to control it.”

Have a watch. We’ve included the final run too, for reference. As we’ve mentioned before, what on earth will Jaguar do for the reveal of their next all-new model? Fire a car out of a cannon onto the moon?

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