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Holy ship: it's a Range Rover 6x6 made by a yacht company

Look away if you've only just eaten, as this might make you feel quite seasick

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We thought April fools was meant to end at midday on April 1, but it would appear that outrageous pranks are still fair game 24 days later. Because this can’t be real, right?

It’s a Range Rover 6x6 – in render form, at least – but our eyes will apparently have to handle seeing an actual car like this in September. That’s when its creator, T.Fotiadis Design, shows it off at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Yep, T.Fotidis isn’t even a carmaker. It’s normally in the boat business, which perhaps explains the design inspiration behind the 6x6, which it’s named SLT, standing for Superyacht Land Tender.

While a 6x6 Merc G-Wagen is designed for blasting ostentatiously across sand dunes, this 6x6 Rangey is designed for cruising ostentatiously to wherever you last docked your boat. Hence the length: lots of room for passengers and all the fine goods they wish to take on board.

The SLT is described as having a custom body kit - no ship - while you’ve apparently got a choice of all the usual Range Rover engines, diesel and hybrid included. If anyone capable of paying the many hundreds of thousands this will cost opts not to have the supercharged petrol V8, we’ll eat our boat shoes.

What do you reckon, then? A shore-fire hit, or does it belong in the sea?

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