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Gallery: the weirdness of the Tokyo show

  1. Words: Jason Barlow and Matthew Jones 

    In the FCX Clarity, the fuel cell combines hydrogen with
    oxygen to make electricity. This is stored in lithium ion batteries, which
    sends the electricity to the motor via a power drive unit. Water vapour is the
    only emission. Honda decided to demonstrate its leadership in this complex
    technology by using a giant pissing baby, with glowing blue eyes, a schematic
    on its stomach, and whose troubled voice echoed as if from the afterlife just
    before it urinated. First we laughed. Then we were a little bit scared

  2. Don’t be fooled by the Pixar-style body and doe eyes.
    Eporo – it stands for Episode Zero Robot – is an evil Nissan creation designed
    to lull us all into a fully automated future. It contains all the sensors that
    upcoming Nissans will have, as we head towards a collision-free, zero emissions
    future. We’d like to run it over with the new Nismo GTR while doing a hot lap
    of the ’Ring

  3. It’s powered by a dynamo that self-generates energy once
    you’re up and running. Entry and egress is through a top-hinged door, underlining
    the BMW Isetta bubble car inspiration. But it’s called D-Face, and a company
    called Durax makes it. Not problem-free, then

  4. Let’s face it, one of the reasons we hate most modern
    micro-cars is because they look more like renegade Teletubbies than the Blade
    Runner inspired creations promised in our youth. The Mirai Project aims to
    circumvent the credibility gap by employing Kunio Okawara, one of the guys
    behind famed Japanese anime character Gundam, to design an electric car that
    looks LIKE THE FUTURE. Apparently, it goes into production in 2015, and will
    cost about £15,000. We’re a little bit scared again

  5. Tokyo isn’t just about the cars. Most of the industry’s
    major suppliers are here too, but only Goodyear had turned its stand into what
    looked like a giant all-terrain Mars explorer. With good reason: its new Spring
    tyre has been co-developed with NASA and contains load-bearing helical springs,
    doesn’t need or use air or rubber, so it’s perfect for space missions. There was
    an astronaut suit on the stand too. Cool

  6. Ken Okuyama Design has made us want a
    tractor. Well, this tractor. It’s called the YT01 concept, and has an advanced
    GPS satnav system to allow it to plough autonomously. It also has a chin like a
    robot OAP.

  7. The same company’s also released this
    little tinker. It’s called the kode9 and it’s utter pornography. The
    street-legal clubman racer has a three-part aluminium chassis, 3D-printed
    panels, and only weighs 890kg. Under the bodywork there’s a 2.0-liter four-pot
    engine with an HKS supercharger that churns out 370hp.

  8. That giant, possessed, urinating infant
    again. It haunts our dreams.

  9. Daihatsu’s tiny lorry, the FC-Deck, is a
    fuel-cell powered concept with a generator on the back that lets you power up
    things like fridges and TVs and washing machines when you’re outside.
    Pointless. Brilliant. Also a potentially very rude name.

  10. Funky in-wheel-moror NTN EV, replete
    with a wood-grain wrap and decals of creepy Japanese children.

  11. Hino Poncho Mini EV bus thing is pretty

  12. …but nowhere near as cool as its 2014
    Dakar truck.

  13. Tokyo imagined in teeny tiny scale.
    Note: Tokyo show organisers do not appreciate journalists leaping the chain and
    playing ‘murderous Godzilla’ with their train set.

  14. Build it, whatever company you are. Then
    we will love you and your migrane-inducing blob-thing. 

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