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The stars of the Tokyo motor show... car park

While autonomous EVs rule inside, some modern classics sit in the car park

  1. Yes, the Tokyo motor show is in full swing and it’s all about electric this and autonomous that. Some of it is quite exciting, but our inner car nerds aren’t yet fully at peace with such a plugged-in future.

    Good job Japan’s car journalists all appear to have driven here in their finest classics and oddballs, then. A quick breather outside turned into a longer-than-planned wander, starting with this unlikely Suzuki kei car/RenaultSport/E36 BMW trio…

  2. Then there was this pairing, a modern despoilered Subaru WRX with a G-series Porsche 911.

  3. A lightly modified Mitsubishi Evo 6 you might expect to see. But an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA? Heck, they’re rare in their Italian homeland.

  4. Hats off to whoever brought this fine mk1 Honda NSX. And keep headpiece aloft for the driver of the Volvo Cross Country behind, too.

  5. Two-door Subaru Imprezas are just cooler, aren’t they? Especially in a colour other than the typical WR Blue…

  6. One hundred internet points if you can name - in full - the car beside the BMW Z4…

  7. A modern take on the wild Toyota coupe - the Lexus LC500 - beside a more retro version, the butterfly-doored Sera.

  8. A Nissan Cedric and a V6 Alfa Romeo 166, two wilfully different saloons finding solace together outside the show hall.

  9. As a fan of kei cars, never misses a Beat.

  10. And as a fan of kei cars and lightweight French hatches, this Suzuki/Peugeot combo could just be a dream city-based two-car garage.

  11. Of course it’s a purple Renault Avantime. In the heart of Japan. See what other goodies you can spot in the background, too.

  12. Yep, another 911, this time a lovely old 964 that’s not yet been claimed by Singer. It sits beside a classic British estate car, the Morris Traveller. Those Japanese plates look alien beside the fine wood trim.

  13. A Toyota AE86, complete with ‘Ring sticker. Bet it’s a handful on a wet tourist lap. Wonder how many it’s clocked up?

  14. A TVR Chimaera and a Citroen C6, two cars that major on style, quirkiness, and unreliability.

  15. Perhaps the coolest of the whole lot. There were several classic Minis in the Tokyo show car park, but this is the most practical. Why upgrade to a crossover when you can have a roofbox?

  16. Fun (i.e. nerdy) fact: this isn’t a RenaultSport Clio, but a RenaultSport Lutecia. Fans of racing sims might know that already…

  17. If there’s a more eclectic three-car garage than a Suzki Jimny, Tesla Model S and eighties Aston Martin Vantage, we’re yet to see it.

  18. Another titchy European hot hatch, this time the uncommonly amusing Volkswagen Lupo GTI.

  19. Check out that front camber!

  20. We end on this rather excellent and exceedingly tidy BMW E30 320i. Wonderful, eh?

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