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Top Gear Live 2011 in pictures

  1. If you’ve read our opening night review and followed the
    buildup on
    , you’ll know that this year’s Top Gear Live is up and
    running. And it’s better than ever: our own indoor track designed by Lotus
    Motorsport, Stig, Sabine Schmitz and Tiff Needell hosting a one hour track
    show, and then the three presenters with some prime cocking about as they try
    and come up with alternative events for the impending London Olympics.

    There are still tickets available for the London show on the
    24-27 November at ExCel, so click here to find out more.

    And in the meantime, here are some highlights from
    the opening night…

    Pictures: Rowan Horncastle / Adam Waddell 

  2. In your FACE, Russell Crowe.

  3. Jeremy throws up the Chipping Norton gang sign.

  4. The best use for a City Rovers so far in history.

  5. No, wait - THIS is the best use of a City Rover so far.

  6. “And IIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuuuuuu”

  7. Morgan’s answer to KERS.

  8. Stig shouldn’t have had the Madras.

  9. Trousers. Tightened.

  10. This part of the show has to be seen to be believed

  11. …and one of these.

  12. Jeremy ponders the big question: oven pizza or microwave hotpot for tea?


  13. JCBrilliant

  14. The consequences for parking Jeremy in at the NEC

  15. Byzantine sport, presented in the Hammond idiom.

  16. Making engine noises improves this picture

  17. Olympic gold medalist Mark Cavendish and Peta, 23, Essex flank Sitg.

  18. Ben Shepherd: “All I can see is binary”

  19. “Pah! Everyone knows that petrol’s not REALLY flammab….”

  20. Frankly impressive skills from the bikers

  21. Our kind of legal high


  23. You do NOT want to see what James is doing out of shot.

  24. There’s only one thing better than a supercar. 13 supercars.

  25. “I had Jeremy Clarkson in the back last week”

  26. We don’t care that it’s named after a fax machine, we want one…

  27. So – can you name all of these?

  28. Little boy feels Hammond’s pain

  29. The splendid BMW 1M Coupe enters the arena…

  30. …closely followed by the Stig in one of AMG’s finest

  31. Porsches drag off

  32. Just a dab of oppo…

  33. Steer left, turn right

  34. And now, pray silence for some Group B rally legends

  35. Yes, that thing on the roof is definitely necessary to keep these things on the track

  36. That close to the barrier, it’s loud. Trust us

  37. Normally found on sand, equally at home at the NEC

  38. Stig. Happy

  39. Stig. Still happy

  40. Tiff introduces Mark Cavendish to our Reasonably Priced Car

  41. Son of F1 legend leads kart race

  42. Freddie Hunt, Alex Brundle, Sam Brabham and Lewis Hamilton’s
    brother Nic

  43. A glimpse backstage at our dream garage

  44. Can you name all these?

  45. For the first time in his life, Lambo feels upstaged

  46. Which would you choose?

  47.  The most-requested picture of the day…

  48. Gold ticket members stock up on desktop wallpapers

  49. Caged Merc. Don’t feed it

  50. Now you too can warm your buttocks on these legendary seats…

  51. The greatest car in the world sports innovative roof rack

  52. Ambitious. Rubbish

  53. Back from ‘Nam

  54. Nobody has beaten Vettel’s time yet…

  55. Ford Foci: startling 

  56. Outside the arena, scores of pizza delivery boys are left without transport.

  57. James’ new daily driver.

  58. Hold on a second – where’s the Ferrari badge?

  59. We don’t care that it’s named after a fax machine, we want one…

  60. Richard indulges his predilection for flightless airport marshalling.

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