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It's the Top Gear Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Top Gear's Guide to Britain

    For over ten years, Top Gear has been travelling all over Britain in the course of making the world’s best programme about cars, driving, and three-men in smart-casual clothes shouting at each other. So who better to assemble a guide to Britain itself with all its glories, quirks and multiple words for bread rolls?

    TG’s Guide to Britain

  2. A Really Nice Watch

    Time is really quite an important construct for humans, defining many crucial facets to our continued existence. It has also provided a handy marker of when programmes are about to start on telly, like the upcoming series of Top Gear or Strictly Come Dancing. Best to get something nice on your wrist, then - head to our Watch Guide for our pick of the bunch

    TG’s guide to watches

  3. Gran Turismo 6/Forza Motorsport 5

    Two games go head-to-head this Christmas, threatening to derail your social calendar in a remarkably oversteery manner. The latest iterations of these racing sim megaliths have landed, and it’s now all-out-war.

  4. McLaren mini race helmets

    Have a handy 1:2 scale Mika Hakkinen living in your cellar? Or how about a 1:2 scale Jenson Button? If so, a) seek professional help, and b) treat them with an official McLaren mini-helmet. For those who aren’t mad-scientists-trying-to-miniaturize-F1-drivers, these mini-helmets are really, really cool.

    Visit the McLaren store

  5. American muscle car wood toys

    What’s not to like? Relive your childhood - or, y’know, actually give them to a child - with these rather delightful wooden carvings of US muscle cars. There’s the GT-10, the ‘Rare Bird’ and the awfully purple ‘Plum 50’.

    Visit the website here

  6. Batman trilogy DVD box set with Batmobile and toys

    You should already have seen Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy by now, but if you haven’t, the DVD box set handily comes with its own mini Batmobile, Batpod (that’s the bike) and ‘The Bat’ (that’s the flying thing). Perfect for pretending you’re a giant Mr Wayne…

  7. Top Gear ‘Perfect Road Trip' DVD

    Seven days, over 1000 miles, 20 cars, two boats, a motorbike and one dream: to find the perfect road trip. Watch Clarkson and Hammond try and find the ideal mode of transport for a pilgrimage from Venice, Italy to Pau in France, home to a legendary street circuit and the origins of Grand Prix racing.

    Top Gear’s Perfect Road Trip DVD

  8. Tamiya LaFerrari

    The LaFerrari promises to be bloody exciting and really quite fast. You want a LaFerrari in your life. Here is your chance to own an *actual LaFerrari.

    *Not an actual LaFerrari but a faithfully reproduced 1:10 scale radio-controlled model, complete with 4WD and friction dampers!

    Buy the toy LaFerrari here

  9. Race-used overalls and other assorted Things

    If you want to take your driver-worship to a uniquely smelly and uncomfortable place, then why not buy an actual racing driver’s used overalls? Things include Schuey’s old Mercedes shirt, Button’s 2009 championship-winning test suit, and even Nico Rosberg’s 2012 F1 kneepads.

    Visit the website here

  10. Gas pump cabinets

    Here are some cabinets cunningly disguised as old fashioned ‘gas’ pumps, and are available in classic Gulf or Team Lotus colours, and are therefore immeasurably cool. Your partner may or may not agree, though.

    Visit the custom gas pumps website here

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