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Over to Top Gear
magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Charlie Turner for a few words on this month’s
spanking new issue - out now!

in advance! Because once you’ve bought your copy of Top Gear magazine, it’s the
only place in the world you’ll be able to read a review of the Lotus Evora GTE.
It’s a big one, this. Lotus has been in the headlines more than its mercurial
management would like recently, with big questions hanging over its future
finances and ownership. It’s amazing that the employees at the HQ in Hethel
have been able to concentrate on anything. But focus they have, and in style.
If the Exige S test in last month’s issue was a kidney punch to the doubters,
the GTE continues the pounding.

And the truth of the matter is that even if Top Gear maths doesn’t stretch to
corporate finance, what we do care about – as every petrolhead should – is the
end result. The cars.

What’s clear, having driven both the Exige
and the Evora GTE, is that the Lotus magic continues to deliver. No
one can make a quick car ride and handle like Lotus. It’s this peculiar
quality, this Lotus DNA, that is unique to that corner of Norfolk. A centre of
excellence that many have tried – but ultimately failed – to copy.

Of course, we’re all waiting with breath firmly bated for the knockout punch
that we’re hoping will come in the form of the new Esprit next year. The signs
are encouraging. If New Lotus can transform the Exige and the Evora in such a
fundamental way, then what the company might deliver given a clean sheet of
paper should put a smile on our faces. Wolf Zimmermann, chief technical officer
of Group Lotus, and the man responsible for bringing the Esprit to life, tells
us more than he should in the mag. Then Tom Ford launches the Evora GTE at
threatening Norfolk skies, and Lotus CEO Dany Bahar answers tough questions
about the future. You won’t get better access anywhere else.

But it’s not all completely serious. Because, as only Top Gear can, we then switch
from the sublime to the ridiculous. From Norfolk to the Republic of Wadiya.
When Supreme Leader Admiral General Aladeen called our friend Leonard
Yankelovich demanding the delivery of his personal gold-plated Dartz Prombron
to London, Leo called the only people in the UK he trusts to drive his cars.
Us. What follows is a series of events more bizarre than anything any Hollywood
scriptwriter could conjure up. Sam Philip finds himself pretending to be an IT
systems analyst who’s pretending to be a Russian security guard while driving
Admiral General Aladeen to a paparazzi-filled publicity stunt. And, yes, you
did just read that sentence correctly.

Enjoy the issue.

Want more Lotus Evora
GTE? Then have a look at our exclusive video below as it gets into the hands of
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