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Behind the scenes at this week's Top Gear

  1. It’s official. This week’s Top Gear was the wettest and windiest in the eleven years we’ve been making our little television show.

    It lashed it down so hard that our track literally turned into a lake. It was so unbelievably wet, we were tempted to send out the perfect solution for such water-logged conditions: the Hovervan.

    But that would’ve given this week’s star in a reasonably priced car a bit of an advantage.

    Therefore James Blunt, former army captain, singer/song writer and professional Twitter troll-fighter, had to take to the track in our trusty Vauxhall Astra Techline.

    Meanwhile, mother nature was trying her hardest to make our studio a convertible. But we did manage to get the show ‘in the can’ as the TV people say. And we hope you like it. There’s a power test of the Zenvo ST1 - Denmark’s first supercar - plus an epic road trip across Ukraine in some very small cars.

    Click through the gallery above for a glimpse behind the scenes, and we’ll see you as usual: Sunday 16 February, 8pm on BBC Two…

    Pictures: Mark Yeoman / BBC

  2. Our reasonably priced car does its best ‘running bomb’ for the judges.

  3. Jeremy uses his invisible crystal ball to predict the future. “The future’s bright, the future’s… POOOOOWWWWERRRRRR”

  4. James is still trying desperately hard to get the hang of this cross-eyed thing.

  5. In between takes, the production team discuss their highest score on Flappy Bird…

  6. Dave the cameraman can’t play Flappy Bird as he’s only got a Nokia 3310. Instead, he practices the lines for his upcoming role as Billy Elliot in the village play.

  7. James thinks of his latest Twitter troll comeback.

  8. “Hands up if you stole my last chocolate HobNob?!”

  9. Oh no! James goes into tank driver mode after mistaking our photographer for a pesky paparazzo.

  10. Can you guess which one of these has 1104bhp, can do 0-62mph in 3.0sec, and on to a top speed of 233mph?

  11. Attracted by the scent of bacon, a VW Up lurks in the shadows, waiting for its moment to strike.

  12. No one told James that you don’t get extra points for driving with one hand.

  13. Jeremy’s just bought a micro pig. It’s this big.

  14. Well, as it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday…

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