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Gallery: The Stig's celebrity friends

  1. Just because we live in a digital age, it doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of a dusty photo album and a nostalgic reminisce about the good old days. We’ve just wrapped up another series of Top Gear, so thought it’d be a good time to show you some of our celebrity laps from way back in the past.

    What we have here are photos of photos taken from the Top Gear Green Room down at our test track. It’s a slightly damp place, located in a run-down glorified shed, where celebrities anxiously wait before being interviewed by Jeremy. In this room they endlessly rack their brains over their lap, worrying whether they cut Gambon a bit too much while gorging on as many packets of beef and onion crisps as they can handle, all washed down with a Fruit Shoot or two.

    So click through to see three generations of Reasonably Priced Cars, some stellar celebrities and re-watch their lap, interview or behind the scenes at the handy blue link provided.


  2. Jenson Button: 1:44.7 (Suzuki Liana)

    Watch behind the scenes with Jenson here

  3. Ray Winstone: 1:51.4 (Chevrolet Lacetti)

    (Watch when Richard met Ray Winstone and Plan B)

  4. Steve Coogan: 1:50.9 (Chevrolet Lacetti)

    (Watch Steve’s lap and interview here)

  5. Jonathan Ross: 1:49.0 (Kia Cee’d)

    (Watch behind the scenes of Jonathan’s lap here)

  6. John Bishop: 1:42.8 (Kia Cee’d)

    (Watch behind the scenes of John’s lap here)

  7. Tom Cruise: 1:44.2 and Cameron Diaz: 1:45.2 (Kia Cee’d)

    (Watch the Hollywood A-lister’s lap and interview here)

  8. Simon Pegg: 1:48.5 (Chevrolet Lacetti) 

    (Watch Simon’s interview and lap here)

  9. Guy Ritchie: 1:52.5  (Chevrolet Lacetti)

    (Watch Guy have a bit of a ‘moment’ here) 

  10. Billie Piper: 1:48.3 (Chevrolet Lacetti)

  11. James Corden: 1:53.4 and Rob Brydon: 1:51.7 (Chevrolet Lacetti)

    (Watch the Gavin and Stacey stars take on the track)

  12. Rick Wakeman: 1:55.3, Justin Hawkins: 1:48.4 and Alan Davies: 1:50.3

    (Watch Justin’s first attempt round our track in the Liana here)

  13. Eric Bana: 1:47.5 (Chevrolet Lacetti)

    (Watch behind the scenes of Eric’s lap) 

  14. Lewis Hamilton (2007): 1:44.7 (Suzuki Liana)

    (Watch behind the scenes of Lewis’ new and improved lap here)

  15. Rowan Atkinson: 1:42.2 (Kia Cee’d)

    (Watch Rowan’s lap and interview here) 

  16. Jimmy Carr: 2:08.9 and James Hewitt: 1:47.6 (Chevrolet Lacetti) 

    (Watch Jimmy’s Liana lap here)

  17. Kevin McCloud: 1:45.87 (Chevrolet Lacetti)

    (Watch Kevin’s lap and interview here)

  18. Jay Leno: 1:48.8 (Chevrolet Lacetti)

    (Watch Jay get a driving lesson in a McLaren) 

  19. Ronnie Wood: 1:49.6 (Chevrolet Lacetti)

  20. Mick Fleetwood: 1:45.4 (Kia Cee’d)

    (Watch behind the scenes of Mick’s lap here)

  21.  Gordon Ramsay: 1:50.0 (Suzuki Liana)

    (Watch the Potty-mouthed chef in our Reasonably Priced Car)

  22. Bob Geldof: 1:48.1 (Kia Cee’d)

    (Watch Bob’s lap and interview here)

  23. Boris Johnson: 1:57.4 (Chevrolet Lacetti)

    (Watch BoJo’s lap and interview here)

  24. Amber Heard: 1:50.3 (Kia Cee’d)

    (Watch gun-totting, muscle car heroine Amber here)

  25. Ross Noble: 1:43.5 (Kia Cee’d) 

    (Watch Ross talk motorbikes with Richard here)

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